Bad Times in Dragon City

Bad Times in Dragon City
Series: Shotguns & Sorcery, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781301747214
While babysitting the Dragon Emperor's freshest spawn, ex-adventurer Max Gibson gets word that the body of the last elf he killed has disappeared—and if he doesn't find it, the Guard will come for her sister—his old flame Belle—instead.
About the Book

If It Wasn’t for Bad Times…

Ex-adventurer Max Gibson wouldn’t have any times at all. Saddled with babysitting the heir to the Dragon Empire, a deadly dragonet with a mind all its own, Max wishes he could hunker down in his bar and shut out the rest of Dragon City, but it seems everyone wants a piece of him.

If the scum down in Goblintown aren’t trying to throw him to the zombies on the other side of the Great Circle, it’s the Imperial Dragon’s Guard trying to haul him into protective custody. Or the Wizards Council hoping for a closer look at the dragonet.

All that goes out the window, though, when Belle Sanguigno — a heartbreaker of an elf who’s shattered Max more than once — turns to him for help. She needs to find the body of her sister, who Max and the dragonet killed last week, or pay the ultimate penalty for her loss.

And the bad times keep getting worse.

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