I love getting out of the house and meeting fans and friends. I’m all done with shows and events for 2016, but my schedule for 2017 is already forming up. If you wind up at any event I’m at, be sure to say stop and say hi.

Gary Con

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-10-36-52-amLake Geneva, WI. March 23–26, 2017. 

I’ll be there all day on Friday, March 24, taking part in various panels with all sorts of gaming legends, including Lester Smith and Skip Williams. If you’re into old-school gaming, this show has the best roster of guests ever.

I’m busy the Saturday of the show (see below), but I hope to make it back out there on Sunday with my kids. If I’m not too exhausted at that point.

Be sure to come out and join us!

UW-Madison Writers’ Institute

28th-writers-instituteMadison, WI. March 24–26, 2017. 

Sharp-eyed folks might notice that this event and Gary Con are both scheduled on the same weekend. I’m going to pull off a sit-com-worthy plot of being at both at once!

Actually, I’ll be at Gary Con on Friday and the UW-Madison’s Writer’s Institute on Saturday. (Here’s my schedule for the day.) Fortunately, both events are within an hour’s drive of my house, so this is all theoretically doable. Laugh along as I give it all a shot!

Gen Con

logo-da788b52950c69d2d2ed9e216c040b780f89475b3723a05410512a12248ee799Indianapolis, IN. August 17–20, 2017. 

This is the show I never miss. It’s Gen Con 50—and my 36th time going in a row—so it’s sure to be even bigger than ever. If you’re a gamer, there’s no better place to be, but Gen Con’s also a haven for readers and writers. The Writer’s Symposium features dozens of amazing writers chatting about their books and their craft.

Either way, I hope you can join us for Gen Con’s biggest anniversary yet!