Sep 172010

Over at, Sam gives my first Blood Bowl novel 4.5 stars out of 5. He writes:

All in all, it is a very entertaining read, and has remained a firm favourite of mine along with the rest of its series. I would especially recommend it to fans of the game, and to fans of Terry Pratchett’s books, as well as anyone who is just looking for something of a more light-hearted nature to read.

Sadly, the book and the omnibus that contains it are both out of print at the moment. I’ve heard rumbles that the Black Library might bring them back soon as e-books, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. A “new” copy of the book is currently up for sale for $117.03 on Amazon (does anyone pay that much except by mistake?), but you can find used versions for much cheaper than that.

Dec 022008

A short while back, Jennifer Contino interviewed me for her Pulse column at You can now read the results online.

Jennifer clearly didn’t know much about the history of Blood Bowl as a game, and I suspect many comic-book fans might not either. I enjoyed having the chance to set things straight and give credit where it was due: to the mad mind of my friend Jervis Johnson!

Nov 062008

BloodBowlKC_TP.jpgThe inimitable Ian Brill, my editor at Boom Studios, tells me that the collected edition of Blood Bowl: Killer Contract should show up in stores on or around November 19. This, which contains all five issues of the miniseries, comes in two versions: the (extremely reasonable “what a steal!” $15.99) trade paperback and the (wildly spendy “you deserve to treat yourself, really!” $49.99) very limited edition hardcover.

BloodBowlKC_HC.jpgSometime in the next week, I’ll spend an afternoon signing the tip-in plates (an extra page to autograph) for inclusion in the hardcover, which I presume will eventually be both signed and numbered. If you’re so inclined, be sure to put in an order for the collection of your choice soon. Thanks!

Oct 232008

BBKC_05_A.jpgLike a thief in the night, Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #5 slipped into comic book stores yesterday without my notice. In this final issue in the miniseries, Lads Helloven and I wrap up with a bang the tale of the Bad Bay Hackers’ quest to defend their title as the Blood Bowl champs against their (very, very) old rivals, the Champions of Death. Meanwhile, undercover assassin Kalter Mörder has one last chance to kill the Hacker’s star player Dunk Hoffnung or be forced to refund the blood money with his own blood.

BBKC_05_B.jpgAgain, I had a fantastic time working on this project, which serves as a direct sequel to Rumble in the Jungle, the fourth (and currently last) of my Blood Bowl novels. Seeing Lads’s hilarious interpretation of the characters who have been bashing about in my head for the last few years made it all that much better. I hope you enjoy it too. Be sure to ask for it at your friendly neighborhood comic-book store.

Sep 302008

BBKC_04_A.jpgYes, it’s a big week for releases here in Casa Forbeck. Tomorrow (October 1) sees the release of Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #4. In this issue, the Bad Bay Hackers take on the Chaos All-Stars with all the resultant tentancular mayhem you’d expect from such a matchup. Lads does his now-traditional great job of translating my words into art—or so I believe in my heart, although I’ve not actually seen any of it yet. Expect to find me in a store tomorrow, looking for my first glimpse of the interior pages too!

BBKC_04_B.jpgI’m told that issue #5 is already off to the printer too, which means this warped and twisted tale should wrap up soon. I’ll be sorry to see it all come to an end, but I hope you enjoy the story as a whole once you get to read it all. It’s been a great ride for me.

Sep 112008

BBKC_03_A_.jpgThe Boom Studios website informs me that Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #3 hit comic-book stores yesterday. It also shows the book with a snazzy, new cover I’ve never seen before (apparently that was Cover C I had up earlier), provided by the series’ stunning artist Lads Helloven. I haven’t seen the book yet myself, but I plan to go hunting for it while I’m in Madison today at the ACD Distribution open house. If you spot it in the wild, let me know what you think.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the free, nine-page preview of this issue, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Sep 042008

BBKC_03_A.jpgThe fine folks at Boom Studios tell me that we can expect to see Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #3 in finer comic book stores next week. That’ll put us at the halfway mark for the series, and I can’t wait for you to all see how it all comes together.

BBKC_03_B.jpgBoom has posted the final covers for the issue, which I’ve put up here for you to see. These feature concept artwork from the upcoming Blood Bowl computer game from Cyanide Studio. Be sure to look for it soon in a store near you.