Monster Academy: I Will Not Eat People

Monster Academy: I Will Not Eat People
Series: Monster Academy, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: B00I89Z7V2
ISBN: 9781310144769
In a fantasy world in which good has triumphed over evil, the victors ship young monsters off to a special school designed to turn them into valued members of society—or die trying. Welcome to Monster Academy!
About the Book

When an explosion awakens young Ruddy in his dungeon bedroom in Castle Chaos, he escapes to the top of the tallest tower and tries to flee by transforming into his true form: a fire-breathing dragon. Instead, he’s captured by the Royal Watch and registered for classes at the Royal Academy for Creature Habilitation, a juvenile hall for young monsters.

Under the watchful eye of his undead principal, Mr. Mortis, Ruddy must deal with his werewolf and goblin roommates and contend with a pair of troll-orc bullies bent on showing him who’s boss at this school. But it all gets worse when a famed monster hunter turns up dead and the dragon kid is accused of his murder.

Ruddy and his new friends must work fast to clear his name. Otherwise, Abbot Pious will declare him guilty, close down the school, and put him to death!

Featured Reviews

This was a wonderful, enjoyable read. It is an entertaining way of exploring ideas celebrating diversity. I look forward to reading the next in this trilogy, as Matt Forbeck has created some wonderful characters, and I want to see what they do next.

— Ellen Forsyth

Great read, and as I have come to discover with Matt’s great style…. I am eager to see what happens next…

— Paul Williams

Matt Forbeck does an amazing job of integrating character qualities while keeping the story flowing with quick-witted dialogue, interesting plot points, and even some darker, mysterious tones. If you enjoy fast-paced books interwoven with fantasy and strange creatures, you’ll simply love Monster Academy!

— Mariah Beem

It is a book for anyone who wants a little escapism for the weekend, regardless of age. But, for parents of young adults who want to stretch their kids’ thinking, this is a must-read. The main character, Ruddy, is inquisitive and asks tough questions about life, death, and the nature of hate and  virtue. He is a frightening fire-breathing dragon with a heart too big for his magical human form and, at a time when most of our heroes are very flawed, it is lovely to have a hero who is innocent, true, and courageous.

— Alex at Mighty Distractible

I highly recommend this book. If the fact that Ruddy CAN TURN INTO A DRAGON isn’t enough for you, then get it for the witty dialogue, quick pace, engaging characters, and exciting mystery.

— Ellie Ann

This is a novel that works on almost every level for me… Matt Forbeck has another win on his hand. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it, exactly, but I can say that it was a hell of a lot of fun. This is a great young adult book, of the sort that I’d have loved to read as a kid. 9/10!

— Abhinav Jain

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