End Times in Dragon City

End Times in Dragon City
Series: Shotguns & Sorcery, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781301782581
After causing the greatest disaster in Dragon City's history, Max Gibson wakes up in a prison cell with an army of undead monsters knocking on the city's doors. Even if he could break out, there's nowhere to run, but in the End Times, a man's got to make a stand.
About the Book

This Is the End

Ex-adventurer Max Gibson just made the biggest mistake of his life, and all of Dragon City is going to pay for it. Because of him, there’s nothing to stop the Ruler of the Dead from renewing her centuries-old war on the city Max and thousands of other souls call home. He would volunteer to be at the vanguard of those brave soldiers standing strong against her horde — if he hadn’t been tossed into the Garrett, the most impregnable prison on the planet, instead.

The Imperial Guard would have executed him for his crimes on the spot if the heir to empire — a young dragonet still wet behind his wings — hadn’t imprinted himself on Max at the moment he hatched. Separated from his scaly ward and anyone who might call him friend, there’s little Max can do but watch the city’s defenses crumble before the Ruler of the Dead’s relentless zombie army.

The End Times have come to Dragon City, and if Max doesn’t find a way out of his cell soon, he’s going to be the last person alive to see it.

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