Dangerous Games: How to Cheat

Dangerous Games: How to Cheat
Series: Dangerous Games, Book 2
Genre: Thriller
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781301690640
Liam Parker returns to Gen Con for the debut of his first game and runs into an old enemy. When the man's employees start dropping dead, it's up to Liam to figure out who's targeting them and how he can stop a total party kill.
About the Book

Welcome Back to the Big Show!

Every August, the greatest tabletop gamers in the world converge on Indianapolis to gather for Gen Con, the largest such gaming convention in America. After a momentous first year in which he solved the murder of a world-famous game designer, Liam Parker is back to debut his first game design ever. Unfortunately, so is Tollak Spielmacher, the mastermind he failed to put behind bars.

When Tollak’s employees start turning up dead at the show, Liam has a disaster on his hands once again. As Gen Con’s new police liaison, he knows that Tollak’s at the heart of this problem once again — but is he the killer or the ultimate victim?

It’s up to Liam to figure out who’s gunning for Tollak’s people and why, but if he’s not careful, he’ll find himself in the killers’ crosshairs too. It won’t matter who’s cheating who if he can’t cheat death too.


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