Join Me at the Beloit Public Library


Cap Book CoverThis Thursday, April 14, starting at 6 PM, I’ll be at the Beloit Public Library to talk about my work and to sign my latest book, Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First AvengerThis marks the public debut of the book for me, and the first opportunity anyone will have to get a signed copy.

Library staff will have copies on hand for sale, and I hear we may have a trivia contest with exclusive Marvel bookmarks for prizes.

You’re not obliged to buy anything, of course. Feel free to just show up and chat with about Marvel comics, my Halo novel, or anything else I’ve worked on. Hope to see you there!

The Escape Your Taxes Sale


Hey, this is a crazy time of year for lots of us. Finding receipts. Entering numbers. Adding it all up to see if you owe something or have a refund coming your way. You know what I’m talking about.

Tax time. 

My pal Brad Beaulieu came up with an idea for a way to alleviate some of your tax-time frustration and boredom: Great books cheap. Sounds like a winner, right?

Then he asked a bunch of his friends—well, eight of us—to join in on the fun. The list includes Brad, Gwenda Bond, Jeff Carlson, Brian McClellan, Michael J. Sullivan, Martha Wells, Chuck Wendig, and me.

From April 12th – 16th, you can get any of the 21 books the participating authors are offering at steep discounts, some at up to 70% off! A few of our books are even FREE!

Here’s a rundown of what everyone’s offering:

That’s a virtual wheelbarrow full of reading for you, all at great prices. If you spot something you like, be sure and grab them fast. The sale ends on April 16. 

If you know anyone who might like to take advantage of these great deals before they’re gone, do everyone a favor and pass along the word on Twitter, Facebook, or the social media of your choice. You could even do it in person! Thanks!

My Captain America Book Is Out Today!

Cap Book CoverMy latest book, Marvel’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger, hits shelves today. This is a gorgeous coffee-table book featuring illustrations from dozens of fantastic artists, and it covers all 75 years of Captain America’s history, from World War II all the way up to today.

I was the lead writer on this, but I had a lot of help from Dan Wallace and Alan Cowsill as well. Big thanks also go to my editors—Elizabeth Dowsett, Tori Kosara, Kate Berens, and Kath Hill—who kept all of us on track throughout a tight project. Thanks too are due to Rob Perry, Simon Murrell, and Mark Richards, who handled the book’s glorious design. Cap’s never looked better.

I also want to thank Stan Lee for writing a foreword to the book. When I was a kid growing up and reading Stan’s comics, I never would have dreamed I’d be so honored.

DK’s sending me on a mini-tour to help promote the book next month, so if you’re in Milwaukee, Chicago, or Minneapolis, you should have the chance to grab an autographed copy soon. I’ll also be signing books at the Beloit Public Library at 6 PM on April 14. Otherwise, you have no reason to wait. Go on out and grab yourself a copy now!

Thanks for your support!



Gen Con Industry Insider Applications Open


If you’re a tabletop gaming professional and would like to a featured presenter for the Industry Insider track at Gen Con—hands down, my favorite event of the year—applications for that are now open. You need to register with Gen Con to even be able to read that page, though, so let me copy and paste the high points for you below. See the actual page for the full details, and check out the Industry Insider FAQ (PDF) too.

What is the Industry Insider Program?
Gen Con’s Industry Insider program is first and foremost a program based around all things gaming related. It consists of a curated tract of events made up of seminars, panels, and workshops that are suggested and hosted by industry insiders themselves, events which are then highlighted by Gen Con. Each year the topics/events differ as the industry insiders’ change, but they always remain based around games.

What Do You Look For In a Featured Presenter?
Gen Con strives to bring as much diversity to the Industry Insider program as we can, and so we want people from all backgrounds and understandings to submit to be a featured presenter. The advisory panel makes an effort to reach out to individuals not only for specific event types but who also represent different experiences. However, we are limited to who and what is submitted each year for event programming and the featured presenter list. We encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences to submit. If you know someone who would make a good fit, please encourage them as well.

What is Required of an Industry Insider Featured Presenter?
Industry Insider Featured Presenters must attend Gen Con and are asked to …

  • Participate in 3-5 seminars/panels over the course of the four days; flexibility is key.
  • Submit topics you are interested in and would like to host at the show.

What do Industry Insider Featured Presenters Get In Return?
Gen Con offers the following …

  • A complimentary “Industry Insider” badge (good for all fours days of the show)
  • Highlight, including a picture and bio, on our website and in a dedicated section of the program book
  • A hotel code that allows access to an exclusive block of “self-pay” rooms just for Industry Insider Featured Presenters (you are responsible for acquiring your room and covering the costs)
  • Access to the VIG Lounge located in the Convention Center. The VIG Lounge offers relaxed seating areas, free Wi-Fi, and complementary drinks among other things.
  • Early access to the Exhibit Hall on Thursday morning

Key Industry Insider Dates/Deadlines

Featured Presenter Submission Period March 18 – April 11
Advisory Panel: Presenter & Topic Review/Selection April 11 – May 9
Featured Presenter Notification On/Around May 2
Picture Deadline May 9
Featured Presenters: Topic Review May 9 – 16
Event Registration Opens May 15

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re qualified, go apply, and please spread the word to anyone you think might make for a good fit. I’m on the selection committee, along with Nicole Lindroos and Ajit George, and I love seeing lots of great applicants.

Thanks, and good luck!

Captain America Book Tour

Cap Book CoverTo promote the launch of Marvel’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger next month, DK is sending me on a regional book tour. It includes stops in Beloit (my hometown), Milwaukee, Naperville, and Minneapolis, and it includes school visits as well as libraries and bookstores.

Details below, and I’ll update them on my Appearances page as we get closer to the events. If you’re within easy striking distance one of those areas, be sure to save the appropriate date!

DK is also bringing me out to Comic-Con International in San Diego this summer, for the second year in a row. It’s always a fantastic time, and I hope to see lots of you out there as well. Meanwhile, keep your eye out for my Captain America book, which debuts April 5.

Beloit Public Library

Beloit, WI. April 14, 6 PM. 

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger I’ll be appearing at my local library to talk about the book, what I do for a living, and answer questions. Drop in to say hi, purchase a book, and have it me sign it for you.

Shorewood Public Library

Shorewood, WI. May 4, 6:30 PM. 

This is the launch of my mini-book tour for my Captain America book. According to the Shorewood Library website:

Meet Matt Forbeck, the author of CAPTAIN AMERICA: ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE FIRST AVENGER. Test your Captain America expertise with a super-heroic trivia contest. Wear a costume if you’d like.

Boswell Books will be there too, selling copies of the book.

Milwaukee Public Library, Bay View Branch

Milwaukee, WI. May 5, TBA. 

I’ll be visiting some Milwaukee public schools during the day, and then I’m off to the Bay View branch of the Milwaukee Public Library that evening to sign more books. Boswell Books will be there again, selling copies of the book.

Anderson’s Bookshop

Naperville, IL. May 7. TBA. 

On Free Comic Book Day, I’ll be at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois, signing copies of my Captain America book or anything else I’ve worked on.

Wild Rumpus

Minneapolis, MN. May 21, 1 PM.

As part of Children’s Book Week, I’ll be signing my Captain America book at Wild Rumpus. According to their website:

Calling all superheros and superhero fans! Come to Wild Rumpus on Saturday, May 21st at 1PM to celebrate the first ever Superhero Day! We’ll have activities, giveaways, prizes and more. Marvel expert Matt Forbeck, author of the new book Marvel’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger, will be on the scene to quiz you on your superhero trivia knowledge.

Anyone who comes in a superhero costume will get a prize! It’s going to be a SUPER day.

Halo: New Blood Arrives in Print Today!

New Blood FrontIt’s finally here! Today, Halo: New Blood finally hits actual, physical shelves in a snazzy print edition.

The book originally came out about a year ago, but only in ebook and audiobook formats. It’s gotten rave reviews, but the biggest complaint some readers had about it was that they couldn’t hold a copy in their eager hands.

The wait for that is finally over. If you’re one of those stalwart souls who refused to grab an ebook or audiobook — or even if you just want to finally cradle a copy in your fingers — go hit up your favorite bookseller and grab one for you.

As a special bonus, I wrote a short coda to the original story — an additional five-page chapter that helps solidify the bridge between the book and Halo 5. Writing it brought me right back to when I first finished the book and reminded me just how much fun I had with it.

Don’t skip to the end, though, just because of that extra special bit. Read the whole thing in order to make sure it hits you in just the right way.

Oh, and thanks so much for being so patient! I hope you enjoy it!


Help Homeless Teens, Get a Free Book!

IMG_6625-56b2d6f875132As I mentioned earlier this month, my wife, Ann, is one of the founders of Project 16:49, a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless teens here in Rock County, Wisconsin. Ann and her book club (the Bibliobabes) are joining Project 16:49’s Lip Sync Battle, a big event in Janesville, WI, tomorrow night: February 27, 2016. They’re going to be performing on stage as part of the competition to help those kids.

To help out, please support the Bibliobabes (the bookclub’s fake band) directly. If you chip in any amount at all, drop me an email at [email protected], and I’ll send you a free ebook of your choice from this list:

  • Amortals
  • Vegas Knights
  • Carpathia
  • Hard Times in Dragon City
  • Brave New World: Revolution
  • Dangerous Games: How to Play
  • Monster Academy: I Will Not Eat People

Just tell me the title and the format you want it in, and I’ll email it straight out to you — with my gratitude!

New Blood FrontTo top it off, I’ll ship the highest donor an autographed copy of Halo: New Blood, which won’t be in stores until March 15.

The deadline for this offer is 5 PM Central Time, February 27, 2016, so get to it! 

Also, if you’re local, you can join us that night. Tickets for the evening are $16.49 each (plus Eventbrite’s ticketing fees), and the night features hors d’oeuvres, a dessert buffet, a cash bar, raffles, music trivia, a “dress as your favorite singer/band” contest, and more. If you do make it out, be sure to stop me and say hi.

Even if you can’t make it out that night or manage to kick in something to support the Bibliobabes, please help spread the word. The more people who know about the event, the more who can help. Thanks!

Wanted: Reviewers for My Captain America Book


If you are a US-based reviewer who would like to check out a copy of Marvel’s Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger, which I wrote with Dan Wallace, drop me an email at [email protected]. I’ll put you on a list and see if the fine folks at DK Publishing can hook you up.

Include your mailing address, email address, and the venue for your reviews, along with a home page URL and a phone number. Move fast, since the book comes out on April 5, and they need time to gather them all up and ship them out.

Spread the word to anyone you think might be interested too, please. Thanks!

If you’re not a reviewer, you can pick up your own copy on April 5. DK is actually sending me on a short tour to promote the book through Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis for Free Comic Book Day and Children’s Book Week. When I have more details to share, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Lip Syncing for Project 16:49

info cover

My wife, Ann, is one of the founders of Project 16:49, a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless teens here in Rock County, Wisconsin. While she’s no longer on the board (she’s focusing on her job as a high school social worker instead), she still regularly helps out the organization with all the wonderful things they do for some of our area’s neediest youth.

As part of that, Ann and her book club are joining Project 16:49’s Lip Sync Battle, a big event in Janesville, WI, on February 27, 2016. They’re going to be performing on stage as part of the competition to help those kids.

There are few ways you can help out, if you’re so inclined. First, you can join us that night. Tickets for the evening are $16.49 each (plus Eventbrite’s ticketing fees), and the night features hors d’oeuvres, a dessert buffet, a cash bar, raffles, music trivia, a “dress as your favorite singer/band” contest, and more.

Second, you can support the Bibliobabes (the bookclub’s fake band) directly. The band that raises the most money gets a bump in the competition, so that not only helps raise money for Project 16:49, but can also make the Bibliobabes’ premier appearance even more triumphant.

Even if you can’t make it out that night or manage to kick in something to support the Bibliobabes, please help spread the word. The more people who know about the event, the more who can help. Thanks!

Join Me in Wisconsin Rapids


Libraries rock. I spent a lot of my childhood in my local library, and I’m a big believer in supporting the kind of work they do to educate, serve, and unite our communities. I support them whenever I can.

Case in point, I’m going to be speaking at the McMillan Library in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, from 7 PM to 8:15 PM. As their website says:

Matt Forbeck is an accomplished author, comic creator and game designer.  He’ll be talking about his latest work, The Avengers Encyclopedia as well as his upcoming book on Captain America.  If you are a fan of the Marvel universe or superhero comics, you won’t want to miss this event.

This promises to be a good time in a part of Wisconsin where I rarely make a public appearance, so if you’re anywhere nearby, come on out and join us!