I love getting out of the house and meeting fans and friends, and I had a wonderful time doing just that this year. I am done for 2017, but 2018 is already rearing up its head to demand attention. If you wind up at any of them, be sure to say stop and say hi.

Comic-Con International

San Diego, CA. July 18–22, 2018

Candlewick is bringing me out to the biggest pop culture show in the country to sign promotional bits for my upcoming Endless Quest books. I’ve been going to Comic-Con off and on since the early ’90s, and I always have a wonderful time at the show. It’s a great chance to catch up with friends and see so many amazing things.

I suspect I’ll also be signing my upcoming  Halo novel, Bad Blood, there too, as it’s due to hit shelves only a couple weeks before that. Tune in as the date gets closer.

Gen Con

Indianapolis, IN. August 2–5, 2018

I never — and I mean never — miss Gen Con. It’s the greatest tabletop games show on earth, and this will be my 37th trip to it in a row. Top it off with the fact that I turn 50 on Saturday that year, and it’s sure to be a wild time. Currently, my schedule includes:

Wednesday, August 1

  • 9 PM: Diana Jones Award party. (This is a private event I host, but if you’re a creative professional going to the show, hit me up for an invitation.)

Thursday, August 2

  • 12 PM: Reading as Writers. How does reading change when you are a writer? SHOULD you change your reading habits? Will reading ever be fun again? With Keith Baker, Erik Scott de Bie, Matt Forbeck, and Maurice Broaddus.
  • 4 PM: Writer Talk: Writing Fast and Well. Award winning and New York Times bestselling author and game designer Matt Forbeck has had a successful freelance career while still making time for family. How does he find time for everything? (Damn good question!)
  • 5 PM: Freelancing Life. Freelancing can be a way to supplement writing income. Lucy Snyder, Sandra Tayler, Matt Forbeck, and Keith Law discuss getting started, negotiate contracts, find work, and how to maintain your sanity.

Friday, August 3

Gamehole Con

Madison, WI. November 8–11, 2018

This has become a don’t-miss show for me. I’ll be a guest once again at this fantastic show, held at the Alliant Energy Exhibition Center in Madison. My kids and I had a wonderful time here over the past few years, and I’m sure you will too if you join us.