“Amortals is Chandler by way of Blade Runner, with the pace of an express train. Great fun.”

— Eric Brown for The Guardian

Amortals (to paraphrase another sci-fi writer who, in my opinion, has nothing on Matt Forbeck) blew down the walls of my imagination. It then stepped over the smoking rubble, seized me by the throat and kicked my ass. Was this your first novel, you bastard? Holy crap!”

— Billy Campbell, star of The Rocketeer,
Once and Again,
and The 4400


Matt Forbeck arrives as the new king of high-concept —  with a blockbuster action movie in a book. In the near future, scientists solve the problem of mortality by learning how to backup and restore a persons memories into a vat-bred clone. When Secret Service agent Ronan “Methusaleh” Dooley is brutally murdered, he’s brought back from the dead one more time to hunt his killer, but this time those who wanted him dead are much closer to home.


Science Fiction [Future Thriller / Cheat Death / Rogue Agents / Who Killed Who?]

Besides the story itself, the book features some special treats for readers, much like the kind of extras you might find on a collector’s edition DVD. This includes:

  • A note from me about how Amortals came to be.
  • The pitch I used to sell Amortals to Angry Robot.
  • The original synopsis for the book from when I first tried to sell it in 1994.
  • The original first chapter that went with that synopsis.
  • A preview of Vegas Knights, including the first two chapters of the book.

Currently optioned for a feature film!


A novel by Matt Forbeck

Cover by Spring London


  • November 2010
  • 416pp A-format paperback
  • £7.99 UK $tbc Aus
  • ISBN 978 0 87566 000 8


  • January 2011
  • 416pp mass-market paperback
  • $7.99 US $10.99 CAN
  • ISBN 978 0 87566 002 2


  • November 2010
  • £3
  • ePub
  • ISBN 978 0 87566 003 9

“Matt Forbeck takes the plausible and pulls out all the stops in this mind-blowing, high-concept thriller.  It doesn’t get any better than this … especially in the near future!”

— Jim Lee, comic-book artist icon and co-publisher of DC Comics

“I plowed through Amortals in one sitting.  Forbeck takes a smart sci-fi concept, examines its repercussions in society, and then weaves all that through a top-notch crime thriller.”

— John Rogers, co-creator of Leverage

Amortals starts with a bullet to the head and gets more dangerous from there. Matt Forbeck has constructed a disturbingly real future and placed at the center of it a fascinating character, a man destined to witness his own death time after time all in the service of his country.”

— Jordan Weisman, creator of Battletech, HeroClix, and Nanovor

“Matt Forbeck does near-future so well, I think he’s been there. Actually, I think he designed it. Then he kicked its ass.”

— Dan Abnett, author of Triumff, co-writer of
Iron Man/Thor, and writer of the Ultramarines movie

“In Amortals, Matt Forbeck does what all great science fiction authors do: weave thought-provoking concepts through a cracking good story. The morality of immortality is a fascinating idea with which Matt Forbeck deals deftly. If you are looking for a great story with action, politics, great characters and an eye toward what might well be our future, Matt Forbeck’s Amortals is not to be missed!”

— Mike Stackpole, author of I, Jedi and Once a Hero

“It kicks like a mule & whispers sweet nothings in your ear like Mike Tyson in a boxing match.”

— Ben Templesmith, artist of 30 Days of Night and Fell

“With Amortals, Matt’s whipped up an action-packed thrill-ride with the occasional sucker punch to the brain you won’t see coming.”

— Monte Cook, co-designer of Dungeons & Dragons 3E

Amortals fuses cutting-edge technothrillers with old-school action and storytelling. Matt Forbeck tells a wickedly cool, scarily plausible story that hits the ground running and then picks up speed.”

— Richard Dansky, author of Splinter Cell: Conviction
and Firefly Rain

“A near-future detective story that asks a fundamental question: what is it to be human when you never really die? A taut existential action thriller and a must read!”

— Jack Emmert, COO Cryptic Studios, creator of City of Heroes

“With Amortals, Matt Forbeck takes the hard-boiled detective story and the SF genre and forges a fascinating, gritty saga like none other!”

— Richard Knaak, author of Legends of the Dragonrealm
and World of Warcraft: Stormrage

“It’s gripping, exciting, imaginative… It would could make a great film, but it’s a great book anyway so read it, whether you like scifi or not!”

— Writing and Reading

“I keep wanting to use that old slogan “Tight, taut and terrific” about Amortals, which is accurate, but oh, so wrong. There’s not a wasted word. There’s not an idea that doesn’t make sense. I meant to start it tonight and finish other work, then finish it tomorrow, but it’s a read-at-one-sitting book so I’ve rescheduled some other things… I love the opening. Just enough information – just enough fear… Easy to read. Easy to understand. Easy to get hooked. Very nicely done. As is the rest of the book.”

— Gillian Polack

“Amortals is an action-packed sci-fi thriller full of fantastic tech and a great ending. Highly recommended.” 5 Stars!

— Antony Jones at

“One helluva sci-fi thriller! … In the span of few chapters, I went from only slightly interested, to thinking, ‘Hey, this isn’t half bad,’ to being genuinely sucked in. Matt Forbeck does an excellent job creating depth in what is essentially the stated ‘typical action hero.'”

— Greg Hersom at Fantasy Literature

“The story comes together as a great multi-stranded thriller, peppered with some good red herrings. It’s high-octane, with plenty of hovercars and crazed factions out for Agent Dooley’s high-profile blood. Add this to his recklessness and determination to get to the bottom of the mystery and you have the recipe for an all-action, high-tech scrap and a half.” 4 Stars!

— Ros Jackson at Warpcore SF

“Matt is at the top of his game in creating a fun and engaging story. If you like action thrillers, this is a good book to pick up.”

— Eddy Webb, author for White Wolf/CCP

“I thought I had figured out the Big Reveal by the end of chapter two. I was right and wrong — I had figured out one of the surprises, but it was only the first reveal — a lowly lackey far below the peak of this pyramid of reveals. Matt Forbeck’s Amortals takes off running, makes a few detours, and packs a lot of thoughtful socio-economic science fiction in around the action-movie-style murder mystery.”

— Hunter Johnson, game designer

“Forbeck’s ability to create a world is undisputed. His Washington DC of two centuries hence is a gritty and dark place. A few of his observations… are really quite incisive, and his main protagonist, Dooley, is instantly likeable as the prototypical cyberpunk antihero.”

— SciFi Now

“Forbeck deftly deals with the philosophical implications of the society he’s functioning within while delivering a thrilling, chase-filled detective story with a surprising finale.” VERDICT: 8/10 Highly enjoyable technothriller.

— Paul Simpson at Sci-Fi Bulletin

“Amortals starts out with a thunder cracker and accelerates full speed ahead.”

— Jess Horsley at

“Forbeck has created an exciting, brilliantly executed novel of action, intrigue and super-science… It works on every level and is truly a fantastic addition to the realm of cyberpunk thrillers. Highly recommended.”

— Drew Bittner at

“[A] fast paced and action packed story that touches on murder cults, old enemies, love, assassination attempts, cover-ups, hidden agendas and a bigger picture… [I] highly recommend it both to thrill seeking and cerebral readers of science fiction.”

— Ove Jansson at Cybermage

“Forbeck’s ability to world-build on the fly is excellent, his writing is immersive, and his pacing is crisp. Amortals is a good read all the way around…” Four out of five Alien Heads!

— Jennifer Brozek at Apex Books

“Amortals is a fast and engrossing read, highly original, and with more than its fair share of surprises. If you like thrillers with a science-fiction edge, check out Matt Forbeck’s Amortals, and strap yourself in; it’s a wicked ride.”

— Bill Bodden at Flames Rising

“Forbeck does a great job with his (or our) future world… If you are fan of sci-fi, cyberpunk, or just good 1st-person detective stories, I think you would enjoy this book.”

— Jeremy Shane at the Outhousers

“The end result is a much deeper, more complex story than I was expecting, with a thought-provoking ending. What you get, thusly, is an action-filled, tense piece with plenty of cinematic moments and a heck of a payoff. Some of the story beats are reminiscent of Philip K. Dick… Amortals is an SF action-thriller that satisfies on all levels.”

— Michael M. Jones at

“One of the more impressive sci-fi books I’ve read, and one that reminded me of the better work by William Gibson.” 5 Stars!

— David Burton at

[T]hought-provoking rather than preachy as it deals with topics of privacy, civil liberties and caring about what happens to the world around you.

— John DeNardo at SF Signal

It manages to transcend what may feel too familiar to do something new and a little different, and for that it’s worth a look.

— Paul Tapner at

This is a blast of fresh air… This book not only throws together all the elements of a good modern thriller — shoot-outs, chases, explosions, gadgets, intrigues, a sparky agent of the opposite sex, politics, hints of exotic foreign travel (as in Mars, this being sci-fi after all) — it is also written deftly… Read this, please.

— Dinky at

Amortals is a slice of light science fiction that wraps complex ideas around an action packed thriller. The book has as many explosions, chases, and gun fights as it does science fiction concepts… It has as much in common with the likes of Lee Child as it does Iain M. Banks.

— Samuel Taylor at

It spins into a veritable tourbillion of a plot that delivers wilder and wilder revelations, as security and freedom (aka law and chaos) do battle, with the main character unwittingly poised at their center. This is a plot that will remain with me, among my favorites.

— Lester Smith

If Matt Forbeck’s Amortals had come out in 1986, I would have been grouping it along side of some of the greats of the cyberpunk movement. I think this is a book that can stand beside Gibson’s Neuromancer, Sterling’s Islands in the Net, Rucker’s Ware novels, or Williams’ Hardwired.

— Chris Helton at Dorkland

At the suggestion of my overlords publishers at Angry Robot, I sat down the other day, taught myself how to use Garageband, and read the first chapter of Amortals to my laptop. Give it a listen. I hope you enjoy what you hear.

Matt Forbeck’s Amortals: Chapter One

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