Heading to Gamehole Con!

This weekend — November 3–5 — I’ll be at Gamehole Con, one of the best tabletop gaming conventions in the country. They manage this by inviting a slew of (nearly 50) amazing guests and treating them right. They also are one of the only conventions (outside of Gen Con) to host True Dungeon, an amazing kind of live-action fantasy roleplaying game. Better yet, True Dungeon now is set within the world of my friend Pat Rothfuss‘s amazing Kingkiller Chronicles books.

Honestly, the whole show is loads of fun. My public schedule for the convention includes:

  • Brave New World RPG demos on Friday at 12 PM and 2 PM and Saturday at 12 PM. There are still tickets left for these. Fair warning: I haven’t gotten too far on the second edition of the game yet, so we’re going to be shaking the dust off the first edition instead.
  • A signing on Saturday at 3 PM.
  • A panel on “Games & Stories” on Saturday at 4 PM, with James Lowder and Doug Niles.

I’ll be running around the hall with a few of my kids for the rest of the time, as well as hanging out and playing games. If you’re anywhere near Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend, you should join me there!