M+DEV and Menomonee Falls

I have a busy weekend coming up. On Friday, I’m going to be at M+DEV, the inaugural Madison Game Development Conference. If you’re anywhere nearby and are interested in working on video games for a living, this looks like it’s going to be a phenomenal conference. The keynote speaker is Warren Spector (Ultima, Thief, Wing Commander, System Shock, Deus Ex, Epic Mickey), and the endnote speaker is Tommy Palm (Resolution Games, Candy Crush Saga). Other guests include Sheri Graner-Ray, Allison Salmon, and my old boss at Human Head Studios, Tim Gerritsen.

If you’re interested in video game development and you live in the Midwest, do yourself a favor and join us. It’s going to rock.

On Saturday, I’ll be at the Menomonee Falls Public Library Comic Fest, talking about comics and games. My fellow guests include Steve Sullivan, John Jackson Miller, and Rich Koslowski. Everyone who shows up gets a free comic!

The weekend after that, I’m at Gamehole Con in Madison once again. It has a slew of fantastic guests, and it promises to be loads of fun, just like every year.

After that, I’m done with appearances for the year. Keep your head up for my next novel, though, Halo: Legacy of Onyx, which launches November 14!