Going to Grand Con (and Other Places)!

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined me at Gen Con. We formed the largest tabletop gaming convention in history, with over 60,000 unique (counted once all weekend) attendees and more than 200,000 turnstile (counted each day). It was an absolute, exhausting blast.

I’m almost recovered from that and a trip I took to Sweden last week, so now I’m ready to head out this weekend to Grand Con! This is a wonderful, smaller convention held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was a guest there a few years ago, and they finally managed to pull me back in. I’m showing up on Friday and staying through Sunday, so show up and drag me into a game! I’ll be there with other luminaries including Paul Peterson, Chris Leder, Kevin Wilson, Shane Harsch, Tom Vasel, Adam and Brady Sadler, Keith Matejka, Richard Launius, and Albin Johnson, among many others.

In October, I’m going to be a guest at a couple of nifty events. The first, on October 27, is M+DEV, the first video game developers conference in Madison, Wisconsin. The keynote speaker is none other than the legendary Warren Spector, so expect lots of great stuff from that.

The day after that, I’m a guest at the Menomonee Falls Library Comic Fest. Admission is free, and every attendee gets a free comic and a swag bag, while supplies last. Come out and join us for a bunch of four-color fun!

Then, to close out my con season, I’ll be a guest once again at Gamehole Con in Madison, Wisconsin. This is one of the best shows in the Midwest, and I love attending it every year. They have a stunning array of guests, plus they have True Dungeon!

After that, I’m hunkering down in my den until sometime in the spring. After all, those books and games don’t make themselves!

Anyhow, if you’re nearby any of these events, I hope to see you at one/all of them. Every one of them is guaranteed fun.