Join Me at Gen Con for Worldbuilders

Gen Con is just around the corner, coming up on August 17–21, and I can’t wait! This is the 50th Gen Con, and they’re pulling out the stops for the big celebration. Four-day badges have already sold out, along with Saturday and Sunday badges. They’re predicting a complete sell-out, which will be the first time in the convention’s history.

I’m taking part in lots of different events at the show, as part of the Industry Insiders, the Writer’s Symposium, and the Gen Con 50 Retrospective slates. You can see my public schedule on my Appearances page.

As part of that, I’ll be at the Worldbuilders Party to help loads of famous novelists and game designers raise money for Worldbuilders, a wonderful charity set up by Pat Rothfuss. Tickets for this event are $130 each, and there are still lots of open slots.

I was originally slated to play Exploding Kittens with people at the party, but <ahem> no one seemed all that interested in that. So, as of today, we’re changing tactics. I’m going to run a session of my upcoming Shotguns & Sorcery RPG, coming out next year from Ragnarok Publications. I’ve only run this a few times, so this should be a rare treat for everyone who joins up.

To sweeten the pot, I’m going to toss in hardcover copies of the Kickstarter-exclusive Shotguns & Sorcery Omnibus, which includes the two short stories and three novels that provide the setting for the game. When I ran the Kickstarter in 2012, these cost $100 each, and they haven’t been available since. If you join me at the game, I’ll bring a copy of the Omnibus for you, and I’ll autograph it to whoever you like.

So, join me at Gen Con for a fantastic party, play Shotguns & Sorcery with me, and get yourself a rare, autographed, hardcover book to go with it.

If you can’t make it, I totally understand. It’s pricey, and it’s Friday afternoon at Gen Con. Please help spread the word, though, and tell your friends. Let’s play some games for good!