Nexus Game Fair 2017

This weekend, come see me in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Nexus Game Fair. I’ll be a guest of honor there again, along with a fantastic list of other gaming luminaries. My schedule looks like this:

  • Saturday, 2 PM: Crowdfunding (a seminar about how to get it done)
  • Saturday, 4 PM: Writing for Worlds: Navigating IPs (a seminar with Rob Weiland)
  • Saturday, 6 PM: Pitching: Getting a Publisher’s Attention (a seminar on how to pitch your ideas to publishers)
  • Sunday, 12 PM: Brave New Worlds demo.
  • Sunday, 2 PM: Brave New Worlds demo.

For those last two, you might have heard that I’m planning to run a Kickstarter for a second edition of my Brave New World RPG, which was first published back in 1999. Those two events will be me getting my feet wet in real time with the game system once again as I prepare for the new edition. Expect to watch me flounder my way through the old rules as I get ready for the next version. It’ll be fun either way — I hope!

Anyhow, if you’re anywhere near Milwaukee, come on out and play some games!