This Weekend: The UW Writers’ Institute and Gary Con

That’s right, I’m going to hit two different events this weekend, much like a kid in a bad sitcom with two dates in the same night. Annnnd the metaphor breaks down there, so just cue the “Yakkity Sax,” and let’s get to it.

First up, you can find me this Friday at Gary Con IX, in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. My first event is “Game Design Metaphors,” at 8 AM with Doug Niles and Skip Williams. Right after that, at 10 AM, I’m talking about my book Dungeonology. Then I’m taking the rest of the day off until the Gen Con 50 reception that night, which is set to kick off the year’s celebrations for the milestone show.

Saturday, I’m teaching at the UW-Madison Writers’ Institute, which has me on a more rigorous schedule.

9:40 AM: Writing Comics and Games and Tie-In Books

11:10 AM: Dream Worlds: Creative World-Building

12:35 PM: Book signing

2 PM: Writing Fast and Well

I’m told that the last one will be live streamed, which means that if you’re not fortunate enough to make it to the Writers’ Institute, you can still check it out. It’ll be one of the very few slots for which that’s happening, though, so don’t think of it as a substitute for attending if you can.

On Sunday, I head back to Gary Con with the kids to actually play some games!

I hope to see you at one or both events. They’re sure to be lots of fun, each in their own ways. I wish they hadn’t been on the same weekend in two different cities, but fortunately the organizers for both were able to work with me so I can attend each. Double the fun!