Gen Con’s Industry Insider Applications Now Open!

Actually, the applications process to become one of the featured speakers for Gen Con’s Industry Insiders slate has been open since Sunday, February 26, and more than twenty people have already applied. The closing date is March 19, though, so if you’re a gaming industry professional, you still have more than two weeks to get your application in.

To apply, just go to the proper part of the Gen Con website. You need to setup an account and login to the site to be able to start digging into the process. For your convenience, I’ve reproduced some of the most pertinent information below.

To sum up, if you’re deeply involved in the games industry and have the time and inclination to share your expertise with others, please apply! And if you’re not, please spread the word!

I’m on the panel of people who select the presenters (along with Ajit George and Nicole Lindroos), and we love having a wide and varied pool of talented applicants to choose from. This is Gen Con 50, so we’re hoping to have some truly special speakers and panels to share with our fellow gamers.

What is the Industry Insider Program?
Gen Con’s Industry Insider program is first and foremost a program based around all things gaming related. It consists of a curated track of events made up of seminars, panels, and workshops that are suggested and hosted by industry insiders themselves, events which are then highlighted by Gen Con. Each year the topics/events differ as the industry insiders’ change, but they always remain based around games.

What Does It Mean to Be a Featured Presenter in the Program?
It means you have a point of view about a subject and are willing and able to share your knowledge with others by sitting on panels discussing topics you are familiar with and/or hosting seminars. Basically having discussions on topics you are know about. It also means you’re interacting with fellow professionals and attendees interested in learning more about the industry and/or shaping its future.

What Do You Look For In a Featured Presenter?
Gen Con strives to bring as much diversity to the Industry Insider program as we can; we want people from all backgrounds and understandings to submit to be a featured presenter. The Advisory Panel makes every effort to reach out to all individuals representing all aspects and different experiences in the industry. We encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences to submit. If you know someone who would make a good fit, please encourage them to submit as well.

What Subject Matter Does Gen Con Look for With Submitted Topics?
The Industry Insider program is made up of topics that are submitted by the featured presenters themselves, along with some suggested topics from the advisory panel and/or Gen Con. Topics are suggested by the presenters, so each year the program is different, but similar!

What is Required of an Industry Insider Featured Presenter?
Industry Insider Featured Presenters must attend Gen Con and are asked to …

  • Participate in 3-5 seminars/panels over the course of all four days of the convention; flexibility is key.
  • Submit topics you are interested in and would like to host at the show. We encourage you to host interactive events such as workshops. The topics you submit will be incorporated into the events being offered under the Industry Insider program. Topics should be broad enough for other featured presenters to participate with you.

What do Industry Insider Featured Presenters Get In Return?Gen Con offers the following to those accepted into the program …

  • A complimentary “Industry Insider” badge (good for all fours days of the show)
  • Highlight, including a picture and bio, on our website and in a dedicated section of the program book
  • A hotel code that allows access to an exclusive block of “self-pay” rooms just for Industry Insider Featured Presenters (you are responsible for acquiring your room and covering the costs)
  • Access to the VIG Lounge located in the Convention Center. The VIG Lounge offers relaxed seating areas, free Wi-Fi, and complementary drinks among other things.
  • Early access to the Exhibit Hall on Thursday morning

How the Process Works …

  • Interested individuals introduce themselves using the online form. (Please note that submitting does not mean you are automatically accepted into the program.)
  • The Industry Insider Advisory Panel reviews the submissions and makes selections (based on the individual and topics submitted)
  • Individuals are notified either way regarding their status
  • The Advisory Panel selects the topics, based on the submissions, which makes up the event programming being offered for the Industry Insider program for the current show. The panel also recommends panelists (from the current Industry Featured Presenter list) who will take part in the discussions.
  • Featured Presenters will have an opportunity to review the topics and fellow panelists they have been selected for.