The Munchkin Book


A while back, my pal Jim Lowder asked me to write something about one of my favorite games, Munchkin, for The Munchkin Book, a collection of essays about the bestselling card game created by Steve Jackson and illustrated by another pal, John Kovalic. The book, published by BenBella, went through a long, twisty maze of revisions and approvals, but it’s finally been approved and is slated to be in stores on February 23.

For my part, I interviewed Phil Reed, the CEO of Steve Jackson Games, about Munchkin‘s present and future, and it was just as entertaining as chatting with Phil in real life. A lot of other people chipped in excellent pieces as well, including Andrew Hackard, Ed Greenwood, Jennifer Steen, Joseph Scrimshaw, Jaym Gates, Dave Banks, Christian Lindke, Bonnie Burton, Liam McIntyre, and Steve Jackson himself.

It’s a great, fun read, and it includes new Munchkin rules for each chapter of the book, as well as fresh illustrations by John Kovalic throughout. If you’re a Munckin fan — and if you’re a gamer, you damn well ought to be — you need this book. Get in line to kick down the door and loot the room on February 23.