Get My Eberron Audiobooks and Ebooks

51RcgPtO1XL._SL300_Over the past several months, Audible has not only been releasing books from Angry Robot—including my Amortals, which I wrote about yesterday—but also several novels from Wizards of the Coast. In that number, we can now count all three of the novels I wrote in the Lost Mark Trilogy. These were some of the first novels written for Eberron, the Dungeons & Dragons world designed by my pal Keith Baker, and they were also the first big, thick fantasy novels I ever had published. 

The three books, in order:

  1. Marked for Death
  2. The Road to Death
  3. The Queen of Death

You can also get Marked for Death, The Road to Deathand The Queen of Death on Amazon. The first two have been released as ebooks there too, and I suspect the third should be along in good time.

Claire Christie narrated each of the books. She’s done great work for other writers too, including Heather Graham and David Brin. Go listen in.