The Crossing the Streams Reddit AMA

reddit-alienAs you might recall, I’m running a month-long contest here as part of the multi-author Crossing the Streams mega-contest of DOOOOOM! (In which said doom involves the ability to win dozens of autographed books from some of the best genre writers around.)

As part of that, a bunch of us Crossing the Streams authors are taking part in an AMA at Reddit. That’s an “Ask Me Anything” forum at Stop on by and ask me anything you’d like, and you can also drill the rest of the crew with the same questions. The answerers include Paul S. Kemp, Richard Lee Byers, Joshua Palmatier, Marsheila Rockwell, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Betsy Dornbusch, Dave Gross, Wendy N. Wagner, James L. Sutter, Erik Scott de Bie, Erin M. Evans, Howard Andrew Jones, Jeff Salyards, Erin Hoffman, and our ringmaster Ari Marmell.

The AMA lasts for roughly a day, so get those questions in fast. The answers will be preserved forever. (In which case, forever equals the age of the internet, which is all of 8,247 days as I write this.