Gaming Pros: Apply to Be a Gen Con Guest of Honor

GenConLogoIf you’re involved in the gaming industry in a professional capacity and have a real passion for games, you should apply to be an Industry Insider Guest of Honor at Gen Con. It’s a great way to experience the Best Four Days in Gaming—or, hey, the whole year. 

The application period for this honor is now open, and it runs through March 4. (I don’t know at what time of that day they cut off the application process, so try to take care of this by March 3 if you can.) I’m happy to be on the selection committee once again, along with Nicole Lindroos, Eric Lang, KenHite, and Stan!

To sign up, you need to sign in at the Gen Con site and go to the application page. Since you need an account to access that page, I’ll put the pertinent information from that page after the break.

Best of luck with your application. And whether you’re a guest of honor or not, I hope you can join us at the show!

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Gen Con’s Industry Insider Guest of Honor program.

As the game industry changes dynamically each year, the Gen Con team needs potential industry guests to help let us know what exciting things they’ve achieved. As such, Requests for Consideration are now being accepted from industry professionals interested in participating in our Industry Insider Guest of Honor Program for 2014. We are accepting requests now through March 4, 2014.

Interested in Participating in our Industry Insider Guest of Honor program?

If you plan to attend Gen Con this year and consider yourself an industry insider with experience and expertise, let us know who you are. Complete the online Industry Insider Request for Consideration form (see the “Start Request” button below).

Please note, only individuals may submit a request; companies, organizations, etc. are not permitted to submit guests on their behalf. As an individual you must first check with your company regarding your potential involvement in the program.

What are the Requirements of an Industry Insider Guest and What do They Get In Return?

Gen Con Industry Insider Guests of Honor are required to attend Gen Con Indy and are asked to participate in 3-5 seminars/panels over the course of the four days, flexibility is key. We encourage you to host interactive events such as workshops and ask that you provide us with information about what you would like to host at the show. The events you submit will be incorporated into the events being offered under the IIGoH program. Topics should be broad enough for other Industry Guests to participate with you. Only fellow, current Industry Guests are permitted to participate in panels as part of the Industry Insider events programming. You can submit events separately outside of the Industry Insider program should you want to discuss topics with friends/colleagues that are not IIGoHs.

At the end of the request/submission process, you will be required to agree to Terms & Conditions which outlines your involvement, this will serve as a contract moving forward.

In return, Industry Insider Guests receive the following:

  • A “Guest of Honor” badge (good for all fours days of the show)
  • Picture and Bio featured on our website and in a dedicated section of the program book
  • A hotel code that allows access to an exclusive block of “self-pay” rooms just for Industry Insider Guests. (You are responsible for acquiring your room and covering the costs)
  • Access to the VIG Lounge, located in the Convention Center. The VIG Lounge offers a comfy lounge setting and seating areas, free Wi-Fi, and complementary drinks among other things.
  • Early access to the Exhibit Hall on Thursday morning.

How the Process Works

  • Guests submit their Requests for Consideration using the online form. (Please note that submitting your request does not mean you are automatically accepted into the program.)
  • The IIGoH Advisory Panel reviews the forms and makes guest selections (based on individual and topics).
  • Individuals are notified either way regarding their status.
  • The Advisory Panel selects the topics, based on submission, which makes up the event programming for IIGOH. The panel also recommends panelists (from the current Industry Guest list) who will take part in the discussions.
  • Industry Guests will have an opportunity to review the topics and fellow panelists they have been selected for.


IIGoH Request for Consideration Open 4 weeks February 4 – March 4
Advisory Panel: Guest Selections 2 weeks March 5 – March 19
Guest Picture/Info Submission Deadline April 15
Advisory Panel: Topic Selection 4 weeks March 20 – April 17
Advisory Panel: Panelist Section 1 week April 17 – April 24
Guests Topic Review 1 week May 1 – May 8
Event Registration Opens May 18

* Dates are subject to shift/change as time is needed

If you have any questions about our Industry Insider Guest of Honor program and/or the IIGoH Advisory Panel, please contact Jeannette LeGault, Sr. Director of Event Programming at Gen Con LLC.