Monster Academy Debut Day Roundup

Monster-Academy-3D-coverMonster Academy: I Will Not Eat People had a monster of a debut day yesterday. Spurred by the premiere day sale price of only $2.99, it leaped to the top of the charts and reached as high as #17 on Amazon’s Children’s Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Books list.

(That sale price ends tonight, by the way, so snag the book fast, if you haven’t already. You can grab it here or find it at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and

A promotion from my pals at also helped. They put the entire first chapter of the book up there for anyone to read for free, and they’re giving away 10 copies of the ebook too. That contest ends on Friday at midnight EST, so you still have time to join in.

A number of fantastic reviews rolled in too. Here are some excerpts from my favorites:

It is a book for anyone who wants a little escapism for the weekend, regardless of age. But, for parents of young adults who want to stretch their kids’ thinking, this is a must-read. The main character, Ruddy, is inquisitive and asks tough questions about life, death, and the nature of hate and  virtue. He is a frightening fire-breathing dragon with a heart too big for his magical human form and, at a time when most of our heroes are very flawed, it is lovely to have a hero who is innocent, true, and courageous.

— Alex at Mighty Distractible

I highly recommend this book. If the fact that Ruddy CAN TURN INTO A DRAGON isn’t enough for you, then get it for the witty dialogue, quick pace, engaging characters, and exciting mystery.

— Ellie Ann

This is a novel that works on almost every level for me… Matt Forbeck has another win on his hand. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it, exactly, but I can say that it was a hell of a lot of fun. This is a great young adult book, of the sort that I’d have loved to read as a kid. 9/10!

Abhinav Jain

This was a wonderful, enjoyable read. It is an entertaining way of exploring ideas celebrating diversity. I look forward to reading the next in this trilogy, as Matt Forbeck has created some wonderful characters, and I want to see what they do next.

— Ellen Forsyth

Matt Forbeck does an amazing job of integrating character qualities while keeping the story flowing with quick-witted dialogue, interesting plot points, and even some darker, mysterious tones. If you enjoy fast-paced books interwoven with fantasy and strange creatures, you’ll simply love Monster Academy!

— Mariah Beem

Thanks to every one of them, plus all my Kickstarter backers, and everyone else who helped spread the word yesterday, and for your ongoing support. I get to make a living at this because of your help, and I’ll continue to work hard to create stories worthy of that.