The Great Heffalump Exchange

Earlier this week, my pal Mike Selinker—the head of Lone Shark Games—asked a bunch of the people he regularly works with to join him in a holiday gift swap, something often called a white elephant exchange. Being Mike, he had a few twists on it.

  1. Since few of us live in the same city, we’d do the exchange virtually.
  2. Since this was short notice and meant for fun, we’d trade imaginary gifts, things we made up that didn’t cost us a thing.
  3. We’d do it in public, on Twitter.

He called it the First Possibly Annual Lone Shark Games White Heffalump Exchange. Mike explains it pretty well here:

He also lists all the participants on his website. It includes world-renowned puzzle masters, game designers, and artists. If you know me, you likely know many of them, and honestly I was honored and delighted to be grouped with them in any way.

Anyhow, the event ran on Twitter yesterday afternoon, and it was an absolute blast. Just head over to Twitter, search for #whiteheffalump, and prepare to be delighted. It got to be so fast and furious at one point that #whiteheffalump actually trended on Twitter.

For my part, I picked up a Selinker Point from Mike himself. You can witness it here in all its glory.


For my gift, I created Treasure Table X(Mas): The Random White Heffalump Generator of Greatness. Although John Kovalic ended up with it, I’m posting it here to share with you all too. While it has my name at the bottom, I need to credit my son Marty with staying up late to help me concoct some of the goofiness. If there’s blame to go around, though, that’s all mine.

Random White Heffalump Generator

Pass it around and enjoy. And I hope all your holiday parties go as well as the First Possibly Annual Lone Shark Games White Heffalump Exchange.