Monster Academy 1 Finished!

This week, I put the finishing touches on the first Monster Academy novel, I Will Not Eat People. This is for the last of the four 12 for ’12 Kickstarters I ran, and I’m finally getting around to shoving it out the door. (See the previous two posts for some of the reasons why.) My backers should start getting ebooks this week, and hard copies should arrive in their hands before the end of January if all goes well with the proofs and the printer.

After that, I’ll release the book for the rest of the world to read. I’m planning on that happening in February, and you should be able to get it through all your favorite ebook retailers, with print copies available through soon after too. To whet your appetite, here’s the wraparound cover.


While I’m at it, I’d like to show off the covers for the next two books in the series. Book two is called I Will Not Burn Down the School. 


And book three is titled I Will Not Destroy the Kingdom. 


These should be out within a few months after I Will Not Eat People. I’ll be working on them between other gigs, which includes a world for the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow RPG, a novel for the Exalted RPG, Loot Drop (the novel I sold to Tor last summer), and a bit more work on a couple iOS games for Ubisoft Shanghai, plus a handful of short stories I owe people.

I do plan to run some new Kickstarters in 2014, but I want to make sure I get these well underway before I start in on any new projects. I owe my backers for both their faith and their patience, and I intend to make good on that debt. The best part, of course, is that I then get to share those books with the rest of the world.