Crossover Day!

As you may recall from last year, my pals at Zombie Orpheus ran a huge Kickstarter for their fantastic film The Gamers: Hands of Fate, which is mostly set at Gen Con, my favorite event of the year. As part of that, they asked me if I’d be interested setting up a crossover between the movie and my then-upcoming Gen Con thriller, Dangerous Games: How to Play. 

Right after I was through doing my happy dance, I said yes.

Since then, the film has been released to backers and has racked up the rave reviews. The Zombie Orpheus folks have also started to release the extended edition for free on YouTube, one bit at a time. Today, they released the episode in which Leo Lamb walks out of the film and into Dangerous Games: How to Play.

Better yet, Scott C. Brown, the actor who plays Leo, reads aloud the piece in which Leo appears in the book—and makes a horrifying discovery.

How cool is that? Better yet, you can watch the whole film online for only $10. And! You can still grab Dangerous Games: How to Play for only 99¢ for the Kindle. For now.

Many thanks to Scott Brown, Ben Dobyns, Matt Vancil, and the rest of the crew at Zombie Orpheus for making this happen.

Go, watch, listen, read, enjoy. 🙂