Battle Isle: Threshold Run Kickstarter Launched


As you might recall, I’ve been writing an online comic for an upcoming video game from Stratotainment called Battle Isle: Threshold Run. (Start here and take a quick read. We have four episodes up so far with more on the way soon.)

Yesterday, Stratotainment launched a Kickstarter for the game. It’s a turn-based strategy game that fans of the strategy genre, board gamers, and war gamers should all enjoy. The drive is for the iOS version of the game, and from the development bits I’ve seen, it’s looking great.

The pitch video for the Kickstarter is hilarious. Watch it for that. And for the shout-out Thomas Hertzler gives me at 2:42.

Battle Isle: Threshold Run takes place in 1946 Germany, soon after the end of WWII. An alien invasion forces the people of Earth to band together against this common foe, even as the wounds from their last conflict are still healing.

The Kickstarter has a slew of great rewards, ranging from a copy of the game all the way up to getting your likeness into the game as a commander. You can even get limited edition models of some of the tanks in the game, sculpted by my old pal Tim Prow.

Anyhow, check out the video, take a look at the drive, and pledge what you can. And please spread the word. Thanks!