The Dangerous Games on Sale Day!

DG-HTW-3DDangerous Games: How to Win — the third in my trilogy of thrillers set at Gen Con — goes on sale today. You can buy it at Amazon, Smashwords, DriveThruFiction, or right here. Better yet, both How to Cheat (Book 2) and How to Win are on sale today in print-on-demand editions as well, which means you can get the whole set in both hardcover and paperback editions — with the ebooks tossed in for free — as you like.

How to Win is a wild ride of a novel that ramps up hard from the first two books. How to Play (#1) is a basic murder mystery, although it’s a why-done-it rather than a who-done-it. How to Cheat (#2) bumps up from there to a crime novel, complete with professional assassins hunting down targets.

I often describe How to Win as “Die Hard meets Gen Con.” Ken Hite tells me it’s his favorite of the three books — the one he most wished was longer — and he cited Die Hard too, as well as The Taking of Pelham 123. The action hockey-sticks here, and the body count rockets right alongside it.

To celebrate the release of How to Win — and the fact that I’ll be at Gen Con starting tomorrow — I put How to Play on sale this week for only 99¢. It’s a great chance to get in on the ground floor and then hop on the roller coaster ride from there.

Melanie Meadors posted about the series today and calls How to Play just plain FUN!

Abhinav Jain (a.k.a. Shadowhawk over at the Founding Fields) gave the first book a great review and raved yesterday about How to Cheat too. He says, “It continues to amaze, despite the constant exposure, that Matt can write in so many different genres so well and that his books are always a blast to read.” And he gives the book a rare 10 out of 10.

James Floyd Kelly, who’s reviewed each of the books over at, covered How to Win today and says, “It’s violent… horrifying… vengeful. And totally entertaining as you keep reminding yourself that it’s only a story… it’s only a story… GenCon is safe… GenCon is fun.” 

Things like that just make me smile. I hope the books will do the same for you. Grab them, read them, and spread the word.

Thanks for your support!