The Battle Isle: Threshold Run Comic

logoI’m working with the fine folks at Stratotainment on some material for their upcoming video game, Battle Isle: Threshold Run. Although the game’s not ready yet, you can already start to enjoy some of it in the form of a series of short online comics I’m writing for them.

For those who don’t remember, Battle Isle was a hit series of turn-based tactical games that launched in the early ’90s. Thomas Hertzler, who worked on both the Battle Isle and Settlers series, co-founded Blue Byte Software, which published those classics. He sold the company to Ubisoft back in 2001 and retired from games, but he’s back now with Battle Isle: Threshold Run, which already looks like fantastic fun.

Stay tuned for more information about the game, and be sure to check in at the Battle Isle: Threshold Run site for more episodes of the comics soon.