Stretching for the Red Aegis RPG

My pal Matt James (founder of and his brother Brian James launched a Kickstarter drive earlier this month for their brand-new roleplaying game Red AegisIt’s a game about sweeping epics, in which you play not just a character but a familial line. Besides Matt and Brian — both excellent, proven designers in their own right — they’ve lined up help from folks like Ed Greenwood, Erik Scott de Bie, Stephen Radney-McFarland, Miranda Horner, Eytan Bernstein, and Claudio Pozas.

They’ve already funded and have reached a number of stretch goals, bringing in support for Pathfinder and Fate Core versions of the game. They also have 13th Age and Dungeon World rules on the horizon, as well as skirmish miniatures rules. Plus, if they hit $65k, I’ll write a short story for them as well.

Given that they’re already at $40k with 15 days left, there’s a solid chance they’ll make that goal. If you enjoy epic fantasy that gives you the sense of the world’s strong sweep of history, be sure to check it out.