Star Trek Catan at Gen Con (and Me)

star_trek_catan-right.pngMy friends at Mayfair Games are running a huge event at Gen Con based around their game Star Trek Catan, and they’ve invited me to be a part of it. They’re taking over Georgia Street, which runs east out of the convention center (it was the place with all the food trucks last year), and they’re hosting a free block party open to the public. It starts at 6 PM on Thursday, August 14, and it runs until 11.

The center of the event is the Star Trek Catan charity tournament. Tickets go for $100 each, with all proceeds going to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Indiana. There will also be entertainment by magician Michael Mirth and music from DJ M4RC3L0.

While the tournament’s going on, Mayfair’s going to record a live episode of their Bob & Angus YouTube show, in which two sheep puppets host a variety show centered on games. To lead off, they’re going to interview Mike Stackpole and me at around 7:15. After that, Walter Koenig will be on the show, followed by a number of other gaming industry guests. Wil Wheaton himself will be there to play in the tournament too.

In short, it’s going to be a huge amount of fun, and the money raised will go toward a wonderful cause. If you’re going to Gen Con — or if you happen to be anywhere near downtown Indianapolis that night, be sure to come out and join us.

[Edited: Corrected Wil’s involvement.]