My Gen Con Schedule

panel_title-4e6f320b47bea9fe352538c1dac282deIn honor of Dangerous Games: How to Cheat launching today, I’ve updated my schedule at this year’s Gen Con, where the novel is set. This year, the show runs from August 15–18.  I’m an Industry Insider Guest of Honor again, 11 years running. I’m also working with the Writer’s Symposium once more.

If you can make it down to Indianapolis for the show, be sure to track me down at one (or more!) of these events and say hi. My schedule includes:

August 14

August 15

  • 2 PM: Gaming with Kids: The Next Generation
    • Raising new gamers doesn’t happen by itself. Parents need games that meet kids where they are at each age. Guests will talk about games for different ages, & what gaming with kids can teach adults. With Jessica Banks and Nicole Lindroos. (Room 211)
  • 5 PM: Reading: Matt Forbeck & Howard Andrew Jones
    • Origins Award winner Matt Forbeck and Black Gate editor Howard Andrew Jones read from their latest works. (Room 244)
  • 6 PM: Matt Forbeck’s Dangerous Games Trilogy 
    • Award-winning game designer and author (and 11-time Gen Con guest of honor) Matt Forbeck released a trilogy of thriller novels set at Gen Con. Come meet Matt and learn who lives and who dies. (Room 245)

August 16

  • 10 AM: Playing with Other People’s Toys: Licensed Games
    • Making a game based on your favorite movie or comic book can be a process with both pleasures and pitfalls. Designers of games based on TV, novels, toys and even other games tell their tales. With Mitch Gitelman and Seth Johnson. (Room 211)
  • 12 PM: Business of Writing: Career Building
    • Explore ways to make a career out of writing, and learn to build that career once you have it. With Gregory Wilson, Kerrie Hughes, and Brandon Sanderson. (Room 245)
  • 1 PM: Business of Writing: Networking, Not Name-Dropping
    • Build professional networks without coming across as a weasel. Plus, learn how to network effectively with your fans! With Jaym Gates, Monica Valentinelli, and Mary Robinette Kowal. (Room 245)
  • 2 PM: Worldbuilding: Intelligent Design or Evolution?
    • Should you build your world in advance or let it evolve as you write? We’ll help you decide. With Elizabeth Vaughan, David Farland, and Lou Anders. (Room 244)
  • 4 PM: Industry Transformers: Rise of the Kickstarter!
    • An examination of the promise, problems, and overall effect crowd funding is having on companies and consumers in today’s gaming world. With Matt James, Tom Lommel, and Luke Peterschmidt. (Room 211)
  • 6:30 PM: InSpectres: The Movie Premiere
    • In a world where the supernatural are common, the InSpectres are the only ones capable of eliminating these supernatural nuisances! This is the feature film based upon Jared Sorensen’s InSpectres! With director Darren Orange and select cast and crew. (Westin: Capitol II)
  • 9 PM: Reactor 88 Studios 5th Annual Afterparty

August 17