Dangerous Games: How to Cheat on Sale Now!

DG2-3DHow to Cheat, the second book in the Dangerous Games trilogy of thrillers set at Gen Con, is on sale now. I uploaded the ebook to the various resellers last night, and at the moment you can purchase it through:

Or you can grab it right here on my site. I’ll have it up with other resellers soon, and I’ll have print copies available in about a month.

Over at GeekDad.com, James Floyd Kelly gives it a rave review. He says:

It’s a whirlwind story… I read the entire 200 pages within hours of getting my digital copy. Matt’s thrown a great little mystery into the mix along with some fun name drops, more behind-the-scenes details of the game publishing world, and a very likable lead character and a despicable villain.

At Amazon.com, John Patrick gives it 5 stars! He says:

In this book we see the tone shift from mystery story to suspense story. The final act is straight out of an 80’s action film, complete with a Rocky-style reunion between the hero and his lady. This book was a quick, fun, read just like book one. I can’t wait to read book three and find out what happens in the final act.

At DriveThruFiction.com, Megan R. gives it 5 stars too! She says:

Fun. Fluff. Eminently readable. Something to curl up with and enjoy….

For a taste of the book, look below for a free preview that include the first four chapters of the book, including the murder of the book’s first victim.

Spread the word! Thanks for your support!