The Bundle of Holding +3 Has Launched!

Late on Wednesday, Allen Varney launched the Bundle of Holding +3. You might recall that the first one ran back in February and that you got a copy of Hard Times in Dragon City if you paid more than the average for it. The sequel — Bundle of Holding +2 — ran last month and featured a number of excellent indie roleplaying games.

This time around, the Bundle of Holding returns to its roots, featuring fiction from veterans of the tabletop gaming industry. Pay as little as $1, and you get ebook editions of:

Pay the current average or more, and you get a number of bonus ebooks too.

That’s a lot of reading for not much cash, and better yet, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. This time around that bit of the bundle goes to two organizations that promote freedom of speech: PEN International and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Ironic bit of trivia: Allen Varney — the man behind the Bundle of Holding — is also a murder victim in Dangerous Games: How to Play. He not only agreed to have his fictional self get killed but then helped revise those bits to make sure I did it right. Here’s what he has to say about the book:

“In How to Play, Matt Forbeck writes a blood-soaked love letter to Gen Con and the roleplaying hobby. If you enjoy seeing famous game designers brutally slaughtered (and who doesn’t?), Dangerous Games is your victory condition.”

— Allen Varney, with the Lead Pipe in the Dealer’s Room

This is a fantastic lineup of books from a team of authors I’m honored to call friends. If you’ve been thinking of picking up Dangerous Games: How to Play, this is a great chance to do that and top it off with a stack of fantastic tales from other folks too.

There are less than 10 days left on this deal, so don’t delay. Get in on it soon, grab some great books, and give a little bit to some fantastic causes too.