Kickstarter Tally

2228832-2203520_kickstarter_badge_fundedWith the announcement earlier today that I may (and hope to) write an Exalted novel as a stretch goal for the Exalted Third Edition Kickstarter, it’s time to tally up the list that shows I’m becoming the unofficial king of stretch goals (a title I never aspired to as a child). So far, the following full dozen Kickstarter drives have successfully added my work as a stretch goal:

I’m also involved with a few Kickstarters still in the works:

On top of all this, I’ve consulted on a number of drives behind the scenes, helping my friends build proper drives and execute them well. Note that not every stretch goal my work has been put up for has been reached, although the successes vastly outnumber the failures. In all cases, I’m sure the basic drive contributed a lot more to the successes of those Kickstarters than my offerings, but I’m always thrilled to be a part of so much fun. If you supported any of these Kickstarters — or my own 12 for ’12 drives — thanks for giving me the chance to do that.