Dangerous Games: How to Play Releases Today!


Woot! Dangerous Games: How to Play launches as an ebook today. If you backed the Dangerous Games Kickstarter drive, you should already have a copy, of course, but if you weren’t one of those lucky people — or if you know someone else who might like the book — here’s your chance to grab a copy for only $4.99.

Dangerous Games: How to Play is the first in my trilogy of thrillers set at Gen Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in America. I’ve been going to Gen Con for more than thirty years and have been a guest of honor there for the last ten years running. I know and love it like no other event in my year.

In the book, aspiring young game designer Liam Parker leaves the Diana Jones Award party with gaming legend Ken Hite and stumbles across the body of world-famous game designer Allen Varney (who volunteered for the role!). Shocked at the tragedy and hired by Gen Con as its liaison with the Indianapolis police, Liam makes it his mission to figure out who killed Allen and why. His investigations drag him deep into the world of tabletop games and thrust him into the center of a mystery he must solve fast — or become the latest victim in this dangerous game.

I had a fantastic time writing this story, and I think it shows. Early reviews have been glowing, and if you enjoy games and stories as much as me, I think you’ll love it too.

As of today, the ebook is available at:

I’m mailing out printed copies of the book to my Kickstarter backers this week. The standard print edition should go on sale a few weeks later. If you like ebooks though, there’s no reason to wait. Go grab yours now.

Thanks for your support!