Chicago Saturday with Wes Chu and Crew

TheLivesOfTao-144dpiThis Saturday evening, I’m heading down to Chicago to help my pal Wes Chu celebrate the release of his debut novel, The Lives of TaoThe book came out on Tuesday, so the party is the weekend after, of course. It’s being held at the NV Penthouse Lounge, and you and everyone else you know are cordially invited to attend.

Being the generous soul he is, Wes invited me and a lot of his other writer friends to join him for a joint signing. If you enjoy genre fiction, you’ll have the chance to chat with us all, grab some excellent books (conveniently for sale on site), and get them signed.

I had the privilege to read the book before its release, and I gave Wes this blurb:

“A fast-paced, high-action SF mix of Jason Bourne meets the Hero’s Journey, jam-packed with dark conspiracies, wild romance, ancient aliens, and a secret, globe-spanning war. Loved it!”

So even if you can’t make it to the party, grab the book. And if you can make it, better yet.