Stretching for Kickstarters

I haven’t run any Kickstarter drives of my own since last September. Expect that to change soon, but in the meantime, I’ve been asked to help out with a number of other Kickstarters in which my work is either featured or set as a stretch goal. In the past, that’s included:


At the moment, a couple of current Kickstarters have my work as stretch goals for them too. First up is Rite Publishing’s Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, a diceless roleplaying game based on Eric Wujick’s Amber Diceless Roleplaying. This is written by my friend Jason Durall.

The drive already hit its initial goal and smashed through the first couple stretch goals. If it cracks $20,000, I’ll write an original world for the game. Since it’s currently over $17k with 23 days to go, there’s an excellent chance that’ll happen.

236a25ad471b444e204cb02a36c20461_largeThe second drive is TimeOut Diversion’s relaunch of Larry Elmore’s Sovereign Stone RPG as a Pathfinder setting. It smashed through its initial goal in under 8 hours, and it’s heading for the stretch goals now. It’s already up over $15k, and if it cracks $20k, I’ll be writing a new short story for the setting. Since it’s only been running for a day and has 34 days left, I’m confident this will happen, and I’ll get to work with the incredible Larry Elmore.

In any case, if you like excellent games, be sure to check those two projects out. I’m looking forward to working on them soon.

Whoops! And there’s one more!

(Yes, I’m that busy.)

1e561ac2b21541075bdd564b3c1669f6_largeI forgot to mention Trigger Happy, a new roleplaying game about violent vengeance from my friend Caias Ward, featuring artwork from my pal Aaron Acevedo. (Aaron created the Crescent City map for Matt Forbeck’s Brave New World, among many other things.) The drive is already more than 75% of its way to its $4,000 goal. If it hits $5,000, I’ll contribute a short story to the book too.

Trigger Happy has 28 days to go, so that looks like it’ll be a go too. Be sure to check it out too!

Um, one more? 

(Really, really crazy busy.)

3ddbb786ae0a4de029f62718d86cce34_largeMy involvement with this game hasn’t been officially announced yet, but be sure to check out Witch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Edition. If you enjoy things like Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane stories, you’ll love this. Henry Lopez and his team at Paradigm Concepts did a wonderful job with the first edition, and I’m looking forward to this one too.

It’s already 38% funded and has 26 days to go. My stretch goal hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m hoping it will soon. Be sure to give it your due consideration.