My Last Magic Comic

The last issue of the full dozen Magic: The Gathering comics I wrote for IDW hits stores and Comixology today. Along with marvelous artist Martín Cóccolo (with help from Christian Duce and Atilio Rojo), colorist J. Edwin Stevens, and letterer Shawn Lee — plus a fantastic array of stunning cover artists — I’ve helped chronicle the adventures of mage-thief Dack Fayden as he stalks the planes in search of justice. In this final installment, he finally finds it.

Thanks to all my fellow creators for making this vision of mine real. I especially want to thank my editors on the series. Denton Tipton guided the creation of the series, and then Carlos Guzman took over with help from John Barber and brought the entire thing to life. (I just come up with the words. The editors are the people who bring everyone together to make the story into an actual comic.)

Here’s a free preview of the final issue. Check it out and then grab the whole thing when you can. I had a great time following Dack through his grand adventures, and I hope you did (or will!) too.

Once you’ve done that, though, let me recommend a couple of great comics for you to read. Last year, Mark Waid and John Rogers launched a new webcomics site called It’s showcased all sorts of talent, but the two highlights are Mark’s Insufferable (now starting its second story arc) and John’s Arcanum.

Here’s the start of Insufferable Volume 2:

And here’s the start of Arcanum. Eat them up and then head over to to catch up. Or hit Comixology to download the collected Insufferable Volume 1.