The Spark RPG Fiction Anthology on Kickstarter

Last year, Jason Pitre of Genesis of Legend contacted me about editing a fiction anthology based on his upcoming Spark Roleplaying Game. I liked the game and Jason’s ideas for the book, so I signed on. He launched a Kickstarter for the game back on March 12, and today he announced the anthology as a stretch goal for the drive.

We’ve already lined up a number of fantastic authors for the book. They include:

  • Mur Lafferty (Parsec Award winning Host of the “I Should be Writing” Podcast)
  • Mike Resnick (five-time Hugo Award winner)
  • J. Daniel Sawyer (Author of The Antithesis Progression)
  • Greg Stolze (Game designer of the Unknown Armies RPG and prolific author)
  • Alasdair Stuart (Host of the “Pseudopod” and co-host of the “Escape Pod” podcasts )

If the drive hits its stretch goal, everyone who backs the drive at the $10 level or greater gets a copy of the ebook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats. Otherwise, it won’t happen, at least for now.

The drive ends on April 12, just four days from now. Jason has set the anthology as the drive’s final goal at $16,000. The drive’s already up to almost $8,500 as I write this, but that’s a long way to go within so little time. If it sounds like fun to you — especially if you like games like Spark — consider backing the drive. Either way, if you could help spread the word, I’d appreciate it.

Here’s hoping the drive makes that last goal, as I’d love to read those stories, and I think you’d enjoy them too.