BNW Omnibus Sale Ends Monday

BNW-Omnibus-BookI started out the sale for the Brave New World Omnibus back in February, intending for it to only last a week or so. It stretched out through March and now into April. It’s time to bring it to an end and put the price back up where it should be.

As a college basketball fan, I know all too well how March Madness can sneak its way into April. I’ve been to four Final Fours in my life, including three in which my alma mater (the University of Michigan) appeared. I even drove from Ann Arbor to Seattle in 1989 to watch Michigan win the championship in double overtime. I’d love to be in Atlanta this weekend, but I’ll be watching it from home instead.

In honor of Michigan making it into the Final Four, I’ll continue the sale until Monday evening, bringing it to a close when the NCAA basketball tournament comes to an end. If you want a trio of great books at a low price, don’t wait until it’s too late!