All Sorts of Short: GI Joe: Tales from the Cobra Wars

OpenRoad_CobraWarsThe last anthology in my trilogy of recent write-ups is GI Joe: Tales from the Cobra Wars. This is a re-release of the book that came out from IDW a couple years ago as a trade paperback, but this time it’s being brought out as both a mass-market paperback and an ebook in partnership with Open Road Media.

The book was edited by Max Brooks of World War Z fame, who’s about as big a GI Joe fan as you’ll ever come across. My old pal Jeff Conner did a great (uncredited) job setting it all up as well. The book features stories from Jonathan Maberry, Duane Swierczynski, Dennis Tafoya, John McGoran, and John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow, and it features interior illustrations by Michael Montenat. The stunning cover comes from Gabriele Dell’Otto.

My story, “Just a Game,” posits that Destro has been laundering money through the unregulated economies of MMORPGs, and it’s up to a team of Joes to put a stop to it. This brings Duke and Scarlett to Siberia along with Barrel Roll and the geeky Braintrust, who’s perhaps better suited to driving a desk than a special op. I had a ball playing in this universe, and if you’re a fan of GI Joe, or even just sharp stories of international intrigue, you’ll enjoy the book.