All Sorts of Shorts: The New Hero 2

new_hero_2_cover_thumbTwo fresh anthologies and a revamped one either hit shelves in the recent past or are just about to appear, and I have a story in each of them. First up, we have two books from the all-new Stone Skin Press, which is run by my pal Robin Laws. Robin’s a fantastic game designer, but it turns out he has a sharp eye as a fiction editor as well. He assembled fantastic slates of writers for both books.

The first one is The New Hero: Volume 2. The New Hero series is based on the idea that not all heroes change, as you’re often told they must in your literature classes. Instead, some are iconic, the kinds of heroes that force the world to change around them by being true to themselves. This includes most heroes in serial fiction, from Spider-Man to Sherlock Holmes.

The story I wrote for this was the first-ever Shotguns & Sorcery yarn, “Friends Like These.” I liked it so much I followed it up with another short called “Goblintown Justice” — which you can grab here for free — and a trilogy of novels, starting with Hard Times in Dragon City.

The book features a fantastic cover in the ancient Japanese style, created by incredible comic-book artist Gene Ha. If you look closely, you can see Max Gibson and Moira slipping out of the front door of the building there.

A stack of great writers joins me in this book, including Alex Bledsoe, Emily Care Boss, Jennifer Brozek, Tobias Buckell, Jesse Bullington, Robin D. Laws (himself), Will Hindmarch, Jean Rabe, Christina Stiles, Greg Stolze, James L. Sutter, John Scott Tynes, and James Wallis.

Next comes The Lion and the Aardvarkbut I’ll tell you about that one Monday.