Bad Times in Dragon City on Sale Now

Bad-Times-Cover-Standard-600Bad Times in Dragon City, the sequel to my fantasy noir novel Hard Times in Dragon City, is on sale now. This is the second in the Shotguns & Sorcery series, and the fifth of the books I wrote during my 12 for ’12 challenge. My backers received their copies a few weeks back, and I’m now releasing the book to the public.

You can read a free sample and purchase Bad Times here on my site or through Smashwords or It should also be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble shortly. You can also grab print copies through, in both paperback and hardcover.

The book already has a couple of glowing reviews up on, both for five stars. If and when you read the book, go ahead and share your own review either there, at Amazon, or wherever else you might have purchased it.

I’d be out there pushing the book hard, but I’m in Shanghai this week and the next, working on a new video game for Ubisoft. I’m having a fantastic time so far, even though I don’t speak a lick of Chinese. As a writer, it’s always a wild experience to be in a part of the world in which you’re a functional illiterate.

However, China also clamps down hard on all the social media I like to use, which makes it hard for me to tell people more about the book. So, spread the word far and wide. Tell your friends and neighbors. And most of all, enjoy the read. I had a ball with this book, and it has a doozy of an ending.