Bundle of Holding Got Bigger

500x500_2736861_fileThe Bundle of Holding is only a few days old, but it’s already doing pretty well. Despite a few Day-One glitches, it brought in a lot of buyers and made a good chunk of change for both Child’s Play and Reading Is Fundamental so far.

One of the biggest surprises is how generous the donors have been. We started out with an average of $8, but that quickly ran to over $16. Since then it’s tapered off a bit and is now back down closer to $15, but that’s still amazing.

Tonight, we added another bonus book to the lot. This one’s from the amazing and multi-talented Mur Lafferty. Besides being a great novelist and an RPG writer, Mur hosts the long-running podcasts I Should Be Writing and Escape Pod, as well as the podcast from Angry Robot Books, which publishes my own Amortals, Vegas Knights, and Carpathia.

Mur’s contribution to the bundle is a superheroes novel called Playing for Keeps. It’s a fun and funny book about a bar owner in a world filled with charming villains and superheroic jerks. Be sure to check it out and grab it — and the rest of the bundle — while you still can.