Hard Times Hardcopies on Sale Now

With the help of my friends at DriveThruFiction.com, I just flipped the switch, and you print junkies out there can now order print-on-demand hardcopies of Hard Times in Dragon City from them. Hardcovers are $15, and softcovers are $10 each. They come complete with a free copy of the ebook editions in DRM-free ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats.

Of course, if you just want the ebook edition, you can grab that through the Bundle of Holding, which is still going for the next 17 days. Alternatively, you can snag right here on this site or through Amazon, BN.com, etc.

Book 2 in the series — Bad Times in Dragon City — went out to my Kickstarter backers last week, and we’re looking at a March 5 release for the rest of you fine readers out there. I’m editing Book 3 — End Times in Dragon City — this week and hope to have that out to my backers soon too, with the public release a couple weeks past that.

Meanwhile, you can check out a couple recent interviews with me. Monday night, I chatted with Christopher Helton of Dorkland about all fiction, games, and all things in between. We had a fun, relaxed time.


Last night, the fine guys behind the Speculate podcastBrad Beaulieu and Gregory A. Wilson, both excellent writers — released Episode 68, in which they chatted with extraordinary artist Lee Moyer and me. Since Brad, Lee, and I have all run successful Kickstarters, the conversation revolved around that. We had a rollicking good talk.