Magic: The Gathering: Paths of Vengeance #3 Out Tomorrow

MagictheGathering_PathofVengeance_03Tomorrow, IDW releases Magic: The Gathering: Paths of Vengeance #3. This is the 11th comic I’ve written featuring Dack Fayden, the planeswalking spell thief, and it’s roller coaster ride that leads up to the climax in the next and final issue in the series. You can check out a free preview of it over at Comicosity.

Dack’s story — or at least my part in it — comes to an end with the next issue. I’d always plotted the story to fit a dozen issues, and I’m thrilled that Martin Cóccolo, J. Edwin Stevens, and I got to tell the whole thing. Be sure to grab that final issue too, as we send Dack off with a bang.