There’s a Bundle on the Horizon

bundlestarfield-764This Wednesday, keep your eyes peeled for the Bundle of Holding, a bundle of fiction ebooks written by tabletop game designers (like me). It’s going to make for a fantastic deal, and it’ll include one of my novels in the pack.

Tabletop game designers spend their days building worlds and adventures for other people to play in. They come up with characters, locations, situations, and all the others bits that make fictional universes seem the kind of thrilling places you’d like to spend some time in — at least at the arm’s length that playing a game or reading a book affords.

That’s just one chunk of making a great speculative fiction book, of course, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any group better at it. With the Bundle of Holding, you can read what happens when those same people with their rare skill sets place characters of their own into worlds they’ve created and let them loose.

This Bundle of Holding is modeled on other successful bundles like the Humble Bundle and Story Bundle. You can pay whatever you like for the bundle, down to $1, and you can split the proceeds among the writers, the website itself, and charity. All we ask then is that you enjoy the books and help spread the fun.

The Bundle of Holding site should launch on Wednesday, so look for it then. Meanwhile, you can follow the Bundle of Holding on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.