Don’t Buy Hard Times — Yet

Hard-Times-book-graphicSetting a firm release date for an ebook is a big challenge with today’s tools. I can submit files and details to the various ebook retailers, but it can take anywhere from hours to days or longer for the files to be posted and actually ready for sale.

I’m in the process of releasing Hard Times in Dragon City — the first novel for my Shotguns & Sorcery setting — so that it’s available soon. You can already buy it here on my site, for instance, and on Smashwords, and it should be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s site soonish. But you should hold on to your cash for just a little bit longer.

Hard Times in Dragon City is slated to be part of a sweet bundle of ebooks that should be announced any day now. They’re going to make for a fantastic deal, and I’d hate for you to feel like you should have waited for it, especially since the bundle is so close to being here.

At the same time, there’s a chance that people would rather buy the book than the bundle, and I don’t want those readers to have to sit on the sidelines until the bundle’s sale period is over either. That’s why I’m getting the process for releasing the book rolling now rather than waiting any longer.

Speaking of which, I’ve sent the files for the print-on-demand edition off to my friends at Once those are all approved and I’ve checked off on the proof, I’ll have the hardcopy version ready for sale too, both in paperback and hardcover.

So, if you just have to have the ebook right now, go ahead and grab it. I’ll make a few more dollars from that sale than I will through the bundle. If you like yourself a fantastic bargain, though, hold onto your wallet for a few days longer. You’ll thank me for it.