The BNW Sale Is On!

BNW-Omnibus-Standard-CoverI’ve been so focused on writing books lately I’ve let selling them slip. That’s changing today.

I just posted the Matt Forbeck’s Brave New World: Omnibus in the ebooks store on this site. That includes all three ebooks in the trilogy, zipped up into one big file, at a fantastic price. Normally each ebook goes for $4.99 for a total of $14.97. Right now you can grab them for the low price of only $7.50.

That’s 588 pages worth of action-packed superhero fiction for less than the cost of a movie ticket, and I guarantee it’ll last you longer any film. This deal is available only here, on my site, for a limited time.

If you prefer to hold an actual book in your hands, there’s good news on that front too. I slashed the prices of the hardcopies for sale over at The hardcovers were $20 and they’re now $15, while the softcovers were $15 and are now a bargain at only $10 each. Also, if you buy them there, I toss in copies of the ebooks for you for free.

The hardcopies will likely stay that way for a while, but I suspect I’ll wind up raising the price of the Omnibus sometime soon, to bring it back in line with the individual books. Grab it now while it’s hot!