Dangerous Games: How to Win is Done

DG-3DLast night, I wrote “THE END” on the final page of Dangerous Games: How to Win, the third and final book in the trilogy. I just created a PDF of the first draft and sent it out to all the backers at the $100+ level. If you’re one of those kind souls, be sure to check your email for that.

At the moment, I’m diving into the 10th of the 12 for ’12 books — the first Monster Academy novel — which still puts me behind the curve. As I announced on my blog earlier in the month, this means I’ve written 10 novels already this year — including Leverage: The Con Job, which hits stores on December 31st. I’m still shooting to have all of the 12 for ’12 books completed by the end of January, which will mean writing 13 novels in 13 months.

Wish me luck. Meanwhile, I hope you’re all having wonderful holidays. You played a big role in making 2012 a fantastic year for me, and I’m looking forward to 2013.