The Baker’s Dozen: Going for 13 in 13

As December rolls on, it’s clear I’m not going to be able to write a full dozen novels this year. There are a lot of reasons for that — including some cool things I can’t quite announce right now — but at the moment they mostly involve me wanting to be able to enjoy the upcoming holidays with my kids. I might be able to lock myself into a room for the last ten days of the year and get it done, but I have other responsibilities beyond just these books.

However, there is something I’m pretty sure I can manage, and that’s to write 13 novels in 13 months. That means finishing off all of the 12 for ’12 novels and the Leverage novel I wrote this spring in grand total of 13 months.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how that’s a downgrade from doing 12 novels in 12 months, and I can’t. It’s more like extending the streak, right?

So, that’s the new plan. A baker’s dozen of novels in a baker’s dozen of months, all winding up at the end of January 2013. Sound good?

Then it’s time to go make the donuts.